Planning a day trip to the gun range for your group

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Many shooters love to spend time at the gun range, practising their shots and trying out different types of guns and ammunition. It can be a great activity to do with friends and family as well, as you can compete against each other to see who can get the best results. 

Here are some things to organise when you are planning the day. 

Gun range

While that should be a given, it´s worth thinking about a location that will be convenient for everyone and has enough space for everyone to try out their guns. You don't want most of the group standing around waiting for a turn while just a few get to shoot, so try to book enough spaces that at least half the group can be shooting at any time. For peak periods such as public holiday,s you may have to book far in advance, but for a non-peak booking, you might even be able to organise to have the entire range to yourselves. 


Most gun ranges are in semi-rural locations or on the outskirts because of the need to find large amounts of land which are not close to other places that are trafficked. That means that your group are likely to have to make a long journey to get there. It can be worth organising car pools or a bus in order to make sure that you all get there in the cheapest and easiest ways. Often the trip to the range can be part of the fun of the day, as you get to play some cool tunes and chat to each other. 

Safety gear

While most ranges have safety gear for hire, some of your party may want to bring their own so that they don´t need to wear a used pair of ear muffs or baggy hi-visibility vests. Often if you are a regular shooter, it can be a great idea to splash out for these items yourself, as they often pay for themselves over a few uses, and you have more flexibility to find items that are comfortable as well as keep you safe. 

If organising all of these aspects of the trip seems like.a pain, there are some great tour operators that organise day trips for shooters to head to the gun range. This can allow you to relax and enjoy the day without needing to worry about the details. 


30 August 2017

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