Party Bus Hire Tips


Whether you are going for a night out or a hens or bucks party, a party bus is an instant transport solution. A party bus is no ordinary bus. It entails comfortable seats, good lighting, and music to ensure that you and your friends have a good time as you travel. If you are looking for a party bus, below are a few considerations you must make.

Choosing a company

While looking for a party bus hire company, do some online research on the company's reputation. Ensure that the company has positive reviews from previous clients and independent websites. The company's staff should be courteous and good communicators. Finally, compare the company's buses, pricing, and terms of hire against those of other companies.


If you need the party bus during weekends or holidays, ensure that you book early, as there is a high demand for party buses during such periods. Preferably, reserve a specific bus, as you would not want to be disappointed on the day off the party.


For small groups, you can take a 20 seater party bus. However, if you are a large group, you can opt to travel on different buses or hire a large coach. All this will be determined by what buses your preferred company offers.


Do you want to party on the bus? Some party buses have LED screens and state of the art music systems. You are allowed to play your music on-board as you travel. Some buses also have Wi-Fi to enable you to stream your favourite music online as you travel. Party buses may also have a bar to ensure that the party never stops. Some party bus companies can bring a DJ on board and a few staff to serve you cocktails. For such services, you will not only need a bigger bus, but you will also pay more. 

Early planning, more fun

A few days before your trip, plan what activities you would want on the bus. For instance, you can play cards or car games such as I Spy or The Singing Game. Some drinking games such as truth or dare might also be fun as you party on the bus. The basic rule is to ensure everyone is involved in the game. Avoid playing adult games if you will have small children or senior adults on-board.  For long trips, prepare snacks or light food to eat during your trip. 

The primary considerations to make when hiring a party bus are the company, bookings, capacity, services, and onboard activities. 


13 December 2018

How Travel Changed my Life

Hello, my name is Frank and this is my blog. Today, I would like to speak with you about a topic which I hold very close to my heart. That topic is travel. For a long time, I avoided any form of travel. I would frequently have panic attacks which made flying difficult and just the idea of being far away from home could make me nervous. All of that changed when I signed up for a trip which would take me around Australia. It was great and I suddenly realised that by facing my fear, I could overcome my problems. I have since travelled around the world and I have learnt lots of cool things.